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A' Bhuidheanach Beag
The summit of A' Bhuidheanach Beag is a gentle rise on the southern margin of a high moorland plateau. From the summit a long S ridge slopes at an easy angle to the Dalnaspittal Lodge below.

The flanks of this ridge are steeper close to the summit, as are those of the neighbouring shorter ridge to the E. To the W lies Meall a' Chaorainn whose easy upper slopes lead to difficult steeper slopes lower down. However, bearing N as you approach Creagan Doire Dhonaich, takes you into Coire Dubhaig where easy slopes return to the A9 road by Balsporran Cottages.

To the N and E are the gentle undulations of the high plateau. The normal approach is across the plateau from the N where a track ascends to the plateau by a disused quarry.

A' Chailleach [Fannaich region]
A' Chailleach which lies to the S of Loch a' Bhraoin is the most westerly of the Fannaichs. The summit lies at the intersection of three ridges.

The N ridge which terminates in the crags of Sron na Goibhre overlooking Loch a' Bhraoin, provides a possible ascent route on its E face to the N end of Loch Toll an Lochain.

The SSW ridge which curves SSE to An Sguman does not lead to an access route. The E ridge connects to Tomain Coinich which is connected to Sgurr Breac.

Tomain Coinich has a single N ridge the Druim Reidh which offers the best ascent route from the access path at the E end of Loch a' Bhraoin.

A' Chailleach [Monadh Liath]
A' Chailleach is the highest of the two Munros on this section of the Monadhliath plateau. A broad undulating ridge runs SW to Geal Charn (889m) and from this ridge gentle slopes lead E and S to the third top Creag na h-lolare (815m).

To the W of the two SW tops are steep and craggy slopes and to there are crags to be avoided E of the summit. However, the SE slopes give easy access down to the track by the Allt a Chaorainn (the normal ascent route) and the N slopes are gentle down to the narrow glen of the Allt Cuil na Caillich on the other side of which is Carn Sgulain.

A' Chralaig
A' Chralaig and Mullach Fraoch-choire form the W portion of the head-wall of Gleann na Ciche.

The main bulk of A' Chralaig is orientated NNW to SSE with the broad grass slopes of its S and E ridges being visible from Loch Cluanie. In fact the mountain has a narrow summit ridge curving E to Bealach Choire a' Chait (which connects to Sgurr nan Conbhairean) and winding NNW to Stob Coire na Cralaig (which connects to Mullach Fraoch-choire).

From S of the summit, a long ridge runs NE to A' Chioch (947m). The normal ascent routes are via the S ridge from Loch Cluanie or on the main ridge from either of its neighbours.

A' Ghlas-bheinn
A' Ghlas-bheinn overlooking Gleann Choinneachain approximates in outline to a triangular pyramid. The broad E face is eroded by streams into a number of parallel ridges, the most northerly of which has moderate to easy slopes and offers an ascent route from the path to Bealach na Sroine.

There are two other ridges, both craggy. The N rocky ridge leads to Meall Dubh overlooking Bealach na Sroine and the equally rocky SSE ridge to Bealach an Sgairne where it links to Beinn Fhada. The rocky slopes from Bealach na Sgairne offer an alternative ascent route.

A' Mhaighdean
A' Mhaighdean is very remote mountain with a craggy top at the head of Lochan Fada. It is connected to Ruadh Stac Mor at a high col (750m). To the SE A' Maighdean slopes down to a broad bealach separating it from Beinn Tarsuinn. With the exception of the crags of Stac a' Chaorruinn these slopes are easy to moderate but do not lead to an access path.

All other slopes are steep and craggy but there are two main ascent routes. First a stalkers path leads from Fuar Loch Mor to the 750m col . Second, a route can be found from Fuar Loch Beag through the crags and along the crest of the NW ridge to the summit.

A' Mharconaich
A' Mharconaich is orientated SW to NE, with an elongated summit ridge. From the summit, a ridge with crags high on its E flank runs N, then NE down to the Balsporran Cottages by the A9 road. There are also some steep and stony slopes on the N flank of this ridge. To the SW a second shorter ridge, with steep flanks, connects to Beinn Udlamain at a high col.

The S slopes into Coire Dhomhain are steep and should be avoided whereas the slopes NW from the summit ridge offer an easier ascent from the stalkers path in the bealach at the head of Coire Fhar. This beallach connects to Geal Charn.

Am Basteir
Am Basteir is one of the most N peaks on the Black Cuillin Ridge with the very distinctive Bhasteir tooth next to it.

The Cuillin are composed of gabbro rock which gives wonderful grip even when wet, but this is a serious climb.

Ascent starts in Coire a' Bhasteir N of Sgurr nan Gillean on a path marked by cairns up a rocky slope to the base of the pinnacled ridge. From here the route bears W above scree but below the pinnacled ridge becoming steeper as it ascends towards the N face of the summit and on to Bealach a' Bhasteir. Scramble up E ridge to summit but note you may require use of a safety rope.

Am Bodach
Am Bodach in the heart of the Mamores is part of the "Ring of Steall" which runs from An Gearanach to Sgurr a' Mhaim.

The summit of Am Bodach lies close to the ridge walk that connects Stob Coire a Chairn (NE ridge) to Sgorr an Iubhair (WNW ridge). A third ridge SSE leads down to Sgorr an Fhuarain whose steep slopes overlook Kinlochleven.

The triangular summit has steep slopes, the E slopes being craggy, and the W and N slopes being boulder and scree.

This mountain is surrounded by paths and the normal access is an easy scramble from the path on its N slopes.

Am Faochagach
Am Faochagach is an isolated peak to the N of Loch Glascarnoch. It has a long winding summit ridge from Meall Coire nan Laogh (666m) in the SE to Meallan Ban (882m) in the N, a distance of over 7km.

The ridge is broad with easy inclines and the summit is a low indistinct dome with two cairns. The slopes flanking the ridge are moderate to steep in places, particularly into Coire Lair to the W.

There are rocky outcrops E of the summit and crags above Coire Lair, but these are easy to avoid. Beware crossing the Abainn a' Gharbhrain, it is a substantial water and unbridged.

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